Business Unit Sales Department
FRP Pipe Sales Department---- FRP Continuous Filament Wound Pipe, Fixed Length Filament Wound Pipe

Contact Person: Yang Zeping 13961390545 

GRE Pipe Sales Department---- GRE Pipe, marine and offshore use GRE Pipe

Contact Person: Tian Chaokai 13675296678

Contact Person: Sun Kesuo 13605136855

Large Scale Equipment Sales Department-----FRP Large tanks, chimney, duct, floating roof and anti-corrosive construction to be fabricated on site.

Contact: Liu Yang 13905130460

Fittings and Equipment Sales Department-----FRP Food Brewing Tank, Chemical Tank, Scrubber, Cover, FRP-PVC/PVDF Tank

Contact Person: Gao Yongle 13812345282

Fittings and Equipment Sales Department 2-----FRP Rotors, Wind Wings and Double Wall Oil Tank

Contact Person: Guan Hui 13851224168

Membrane Shell Sales Department——FRP membrane shell

Contact Person:Sun Kesuo  13605136855

Contact Person:Xu lin 13775596235

RO Membrane Sales Department

Contact Person: Lvbin 15950719669

Contact Person: Zhusheng 13912164019

Water Treatment Business Department

Contact Person: Zhang Jianguo 13861424358

Municipal Engineering Business Department

Contact Person: Zhang Guojun 13905136051

Mechanical Manufacture Sales Department

Contact Person: Yanglin 13951256328

International Sale Sales Department
International Sale Sales Department

Contact Person: Bella Xu 15896105430

Domestic Sales Department---Office
Domestic Sales Department---Office

Contact Person: Thomas Wang 13905131793

Contact Person: ESSE Pu  13675290233

Urumqi Office (Xinjiang, Qinghai)

Contact Person: Pang Jingfu 13961376007

Contact Person: Tian Qiang 15861229260

Guangzhou Office (Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian)

Contact Person: Tian Lingru 18352809119

Shanghai Office (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan)

Contact Person: Zhang Qiang 13861426147

Beijing Office (Northeast, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin)

Contact Person: Zhou Huajian 18360577562

Hefei Office (Anhui, Jiangxi)

Contact Person:Zheng Deling 13305131021

Wuhan Office (Southwest, Hubei, Hunan)

Contact Person:Zhang Chao 13815655810

Jinan Office (Shandong, Henan)

Contact Person:Han Lisan 18861307963

Xi an Office (Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu)

Contact Person:Hu Shungang 13812343625

Nanjing Office (Jiangsu)

Contact Person:Guo Wei 15151260527